Dental Hygiene Licensure

Welcome to the MCPHS resource for dental hygiene licensure.

It is important to remember that licensure differs by jurisdiction; all 50 states and the District of Columbia each have a separate and distinct Board of Dentistry. If you have any questions left unanswered by this website, please contact the Registrar's Office at MCPHS University at 617.732.2855 or email

A Licensure Application Preparation session is offered to students in the last year of the Dental Hygiene program to prepare candidates for the application process.

The University certifies candidates to sit for the national qualifying examination for the profession prior to graduation. Candidates must then apply for licensure to the specific state board where they wish to practice and have their national test score sent to that board of licensure.

Massachusetts licensure application packets are available online in PDF form.

Application information for other jurisdictions can be found on the American Association of Dental Boards website.

A student can verify their name by logging on to Self-Service and click on User Options from the left menu and then click User Profile. If the full name (not preferred) that appears in the system is not the same as the name you plan to use on your application, you must submit a Student Information Change form to the Registrar's Office either by mail (MCPHS; c/o Registrar's Office; 179 Longwood Ave; Boston, MA 02115) or in person. Please note that you must provide two forms of documentation supporting your name change, as listed on the Student Information Change form.

Visit Self-Service and click on Enrollment Verifications to view pending requests, or visit the Enrollment Verification Page for more detailed instructions. The date the Registrar received the request will be listed in the Requested column, and the date it was completed and sent out will be in the Produced column.

Please keep in mind that Self-Service access will expire 180 days after graduation from MCPHS.