Conceptual background illustration of DNA structure.

Precision Management Graduate Certificate

Online Graduate Certificate

Precision medicine is driving a new era in healthcare that involves individualizing treatments based on a person’s genes, environment, and lifestyle. This graduate-level certificate program is designed specifically for healthcare professionals.

  • Offered entirely online
  • 9-credit program
  • Customized learning experience with electives
  • Integrates cutting-edge clinical information, patient interviews, and case studies to make for a practical and engaging learning experience

Since the landmark completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, the study and practice of genomic technology has been accelerating in growth. With new discoveries being made every day, it is now poised to revolutionize medicine and our understanding of the prevention and treatment of disease. This online certificate program includes a strong emphasis on genomics, including the genetic underpinnings of disease and treatment response, as well as the latest clinical applications of genomic medicine. Students are able to customize their learning experience with a choice of three electives.

Nationally-recognized experts in genomics and precision medicine from MCPHS teach the courses, "Principles of Genetics and Genomics", "Clinical Pharmacogenomics", and "Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Precision Medicine." Experts from Harvard Medical School teach the three elective courses, "Cancer Genomics and Precision Oncology", "Gene Therapy", and "Genetic Testing and Sequencing Technologies."

Questions about the Precision Medicine Graduate Certificate? Connect with the School of Professional Studies at or 339.236.2605.

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