Doctor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (DScPAS)

MCPHS School of Physician Assistant Studies

Location: Online
Start Term: Fall, Spring

This flexible, online doctoral-degree program prepares you to take on leadership roles in healthcare administration, education, public health, global health, research, and practice.

Dive into a Collaborative, Immersive, Interprofessional Experience

In our part-time, online Doctor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (DScPAS) program—among the first of its kind in the U.S.—you will develop skills that are directly applicable to your role as a PA. Through our innovative curriculum, you will learn to collaborate effectively with other providers and practitioners while pursuing a concentration in health system administration, educational leadership, or clinical management. Upon completion of the program, you will have acquired skills to make significant advances in your chosen field. Start the program in the fall or spring.

Your Four-Semester Journey

The DScPAS curriculum is designed to meet the demands of interprofessional and collaborative practice. You can choose concentrations from a variety of MCPHS offerings to better meet your personal and professional goals. The flexibility of the program enables you to earn this advanced degree while maintaining your work and life routines.

During four online semesters, you will take required courses in healthcare research, question development, gathering/appraising evidence, and dissemination of findings. You also will study topics within one of three areas of concentration and prepare an evidence-based capstone project.

DScPAS Concentrations

Health System Administration

Learn the complexities of the healthcare system from several key perspectives:

  • challenges and needs of leadership
  • systems-level leadership and administration
  • cyclical nature of reform
  • impacts of policy changes
  • management of financial and human resources in the process of healthcare delivery

Educational Leadership

Dive into the challenges of delivering health professions education by exploring critical relationships among educational theory, course and curricular design approaches, and strategies that support effective and efficient assessments of teaching and learning. Key topics include:

  • principles and theories of teaching and learning
  • curriculum design
  • assessment and evaluation

Global Health

Broaden your perspectives on the delivery of compassionate healthcare at a global scale with courses that challenge you to:

  • view the healthcare system from a global perspective
  • analyze the implications of natural disasters, infectious diseases, and medical resource shortages on the care available to communities worldwide
  • develop innovative, top-down solutions to modern health crises strategies that support effective and efficient assessments of teaching and learning

Evidence-Based Capstone Project

The capstone project gives you an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge you’ll need to advocate for best practices and translate and apply the evidence you obtain through your research.

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The Doctor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies experience

Physician Assistant Studies faculty and students in the PA Simulation lab.

Doing well while doing good

Professional success and personal satisfaction go hand-in-hand for MCPHS physician assistant studies graduates.

DScPAS alum designs Color of Care Event

Director of Clinical Education and Associate Professor Nancy Hurwitz, DScPAS ‘18, MHP, PA-C created the MCPHS Color of Care event to focus efforts on delivering better healthcare to vulnerable communities.

#1 U.S. university for earning power

The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College rankings for 2018 put MCPHS graduates on the top of the list for earning power.

MCPHS breaking new ground in telehealth

The online Certificate in Telehealth Practice is specifically designed to equip healthcare providers with current best practices in this expanding area of care.

"MCPHS professors were instrumental in getting me involved in MAPA as a student representative—an experience that laid the groundwork for me ultimately to head the organization. Now, I’m able to help lead the fight for increased access to care as well as gaining greater recognition for the work PAs perform."

Duncan Daviau | MPAS ’17, President, Massachusetts Association of PAs (MAPA)

Kristy Altongy-Magee Professional Headshot.jpg

New Massachusetts Law Promotes Telehealth

Legislation that expands insurance coverage for telemedicine benefits both patients and practitioners, according to PAS Program Director Kristy Altongy-Magee.
Kristy Altongy-Magee Professional Headshot.jpg

Additional Options for Physician Assistant Studies

MCPHS offers multiple programs in physician assistant studies, including a 36-month master’s degree in Boston and an accelerated, 32-month master’s degree in Worcester or Manchester.

Master of Physician Assistant Studies

Full-time 36-month program at our Boston campus.

Master of Physician Assistant Studies—Accelerated (Worcester, Manchester)

Full-time 32-month program on our Worcester and Manchester campuses.