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Foundations of Physics II (PHY 274E/PHY 274LE)

Foundations of Physics II Lecture (PHY 274E) is an online, self-paced introductory calculus-based physics course. Students make an in-depth study of concepts, principles, and applications of physics drawn from electricity and magnetism (including electric circuits), and areas of classical mechanics more advanced than those covered in Foundations of Physics I (PHY 270E).

Foundations of Physics II Lab (PHY 274LE) is an online, self-paced introductory calculus-based physics course. Students study concepts, principles and applications drawn from mechanics, electricity and magnetism, DC circuits, and ray and wave optics. Emphasis is placed on interpreting and solving problems, and on translating between verbal, pictorial, diagrammatic, symbolic mathematical, and graphical representations. Students develop the solid foundation required for a working knowledge of physics.

After completing the course above, you'll be well-prepared to pursue a degree in fields such as physical therapy.

Prerequisites: Foundations of Physics I (PHY 270/PHY 272L) or equivalent

MCPHS also offers Foundations of Physics I. Please visit our Foundations of Physics I prerequisite course page for more information.


Accreditation: MCPHS is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

Competitive Pricing: New students at MCPHS are eligible to receive a 50% reduction in the cost of tuition for one self-paced, online prerequisite course. The discount is not available for semester-based, on-campus prerequisite courses. Please complete the request discount form to receive the discount code.

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Flexibility: You can study on your own schedule to complete the course within 16 weeks of registering. Enjoy the flexibility to spend more time on concepts you find challenging or interesting.

Online: Work from anywhere, at any time.

Course Format

Foundations of Physics II (PHY 274E/PHY 274LE) is an online, asynchronous, self-paced course that includes both a 3-credit lecture session and a 1-credit laboratory session. This course does not have specific meeting times or deadlines. You will complete your assignments on your own schedule over the course of 16 weeks using Blackboard, an online learning platform. You will also have the support of an instructor, as well as 24/7 online tutoring as you progress through the coursework. After completing this course, you will receive a final letter grade and be able to request an official transcript from our Registrar’s Office. Please note: Students are able to register for the lecture, the lab, or both. Registration is separate for each of these courses.

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This course requires the following free online textbook:

Urone, P., P. & Hinrichs, R. (2012, June 21) College Physics

Scientific calculator (with trigonometric functions and scientific notation)

Courses run at a rate of $480 per credit hour. The School of Professional Studies offers reduced tuition options to new MCPHS students.

New students are eligible to receive a 50% reduction in the cost of tuition for one course. Please complete the discount code form to receive the discount.

Degree applicants who have been admitted to a degree program and paid their enrollment deposit are eligible to receive a 50% reduction in the cost of tuition for any prerequisite course that the Admission Office has indicated must be completed prior to starting the degree program. Please contact the Admission Office at 617.879.5964 (Boston), 508.373.5607 (Worcester) or 603.314.1701 (Manchester) for more information.

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Due to the format of School of Professional Studies (SPS) courses, students planning to take self-paced courses are encouraged, though not required, to reach out to OSAA prior to registering for any courses. This will give OSAA ample time to work with the student to review their request for reasonable accommodations.

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