Jenna Creger

Alumni Spolight: Jenna Creger, MPAS

Jenna Creger

A recent graduate shares insight into her time at MCPHS.

Having already received her bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in biochemistry from Northwest Missouri State University and gaining experience as a nursing assistant in a long-term care facility, Jenna Creger, Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) was ready to take the next step in her education and in her career.

Jenna chose to pursue a future in the PA field and made the move from her home state of Iowa to our Manchester, NH campus. For Jenna, it was the close-knit and small town community feeling of the city of Manchester that most appealed to her.

Jenna's clinical rotations, an integral part of the MPAS program at MCPHS, provided vital hands-on experience and mentorship opportunities.

It was her second year rotation in family medicine that not only reaffirmed Jenna's decision to move, but also helped her define the type of career she wanted to pursue in the future.

“My favorite rotation has been family medicine. I enjoyed the outpatient setting and thought my preceptor was a great teacher and role model. I also found out I enjoyed building relationships with my patients and counseling them on their healthcare decisions," said Jenna.

For Jenna, all of her rotations were a source of inspiration, especially the mentorship and guidance she received from her preceptors.

"I have learned great things from not only my primary care rotation, but all my rotations," said Jenna. "Each preceptor has offered something new and insightful."

Jenna hopes to call on the guidance of her past preceptors as she begins her career as a PA in a primary care setting in her home state of Iowa.

"I am hopeful that I can take a little something from each preceptor to become a successful primary care provider for my future patients,” said Jenna.

We asked Jenna, who is a member of the Alpha Eta Honor Society and was a recipient of the Edward and Margaret McQuillen Memorial Scholarship, to share insight into her experience at MCPHS.

Why did you choose to enter the PA field?

I wanted to be able to build relationships with my patients – to be a trusted advisor regarding their healthcare decisions.

What is it about being a PA that excites you professionally?

There are endless career opportunities. Not only are there jobs available almost anywhere, but also you are able to easily transition between specialties.

Why did you choose MCPHS–Manchester?

I think that everyone should push himself or herself outside their comfort zone at least once; for me, that was leaving rural Iowa and experiencing a different part of the country. I chose Manchester because I have always wanted to live on the East Coast, and I knew it wasn't too large of a city where I would feel overwhelmed.

What was the best part of being a student on the Manchester campus?

The faculty. I can honestly say that all of them truly wanted each one of us to succeed. They are truly invested in your learning. They would go above and beyond to help you succeed.

What was the most beneficial part of your MCPHS education?

I liked that our class size was not too large. Not only was our class close with one another, but the professors all knew you by first name and were able to give you one-on-one learning in lab.

Now that you've graduated, what’s your advice for someone considering pursuing a PA degree?

It's a long two years, but if you put the hard work in there is no better reward. You get to help people for a living, and that is incredibly fulfilling.

You recently accepted a position in primary care and will be returning to Iowa to practice. Congratulations! What about your new position excites you the most?

I'm excited to be home and practicing in a rural area. I also am looking forward to building relationships with my patients and expanding my healthcare knowledge.

The Master of Physician Assistant Studies program on our Manchester campus is an accelerated, year-round, 24-month program designed to prepare students for meaningful careers in the field.