Woman has a mammogram while another woman reviews the breast scan on a screen
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Mammography Registry Review Class at MCPHS Open to the Public

Woman has a mammogram while another woman reviews the breast scan on a screen

MCPHS is offering a fully-online mammography review class to help those studying for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) mammography exam. The class is open to the public.

The ARRT is a leading credentialing organization that recognizes qualified individuals in medical imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation therapy. Individuals looking to become a mammographer must successfully complete the ARRT registry exam in Mammography, which is 115 questions with multiple choice answers.

The RSC 450 – Board Review Mammography course provides a review of subject matter pertinent for individuals looking to fulfill their certification and registration in mammography. The course will be offered as an online series of practice exams broken down by topic based on the ARRT outline of exam material. Presentations, live lectures, and office hours are available to support learning. There are various mock registry exams created from a pool of more than 500 questions.

“Many students take other online classes that do not offer the personalized education that some of us require; they then regret it because they don’t learn the material well,” said Mammography Program Director and Adjunct Professor in the School of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics Carol Anthony, RT (R)(M).

Students are provided a review of patient care, image production, breast anatomy, breast pathology, image acquisition, quality assurance, mammographic positioning, imaging patients with special needs, and imaging procedures.

The class includes a set of notes to be used as a study guide in preparation for the exam. Students are required to take one full registry exam, which is the foundation of the student’s grade, and the student will receive three college credits.

The review class is open to anyone and is offered fall, spring, and summer through a simple registration process. No formal application to MCPHS is required.

In addition to the review class, MCPHS also offers an Advanced Certificate in Mammography for students with current ARRT certification in radiography. The nine-credit certification is designed for working technologists and provides a flexible opportunity to earn a specialized computed mammography credential and advance careers in medical imaging.