Mission, Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes

Advanced Certificate in Nuclear Medicine Technology

The School of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics is responsive to the medical imaging and therapeutic needs of the health care community. As such it seeks to develop innovative programs that integrate scientific and technical knowledge with the liberal arts and social sciences, and produce graduates with skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future.

Program Goals:

  • To offer a high quality collaborative program to meet societal needs for qualified and competent medical imaging and therapeutic professionals, in partnership with Boston's renowned medical institutions and other premier institutions in New England.
  • To educate nuclear medicine professionals so that they will provide expert, reliable, and compassionate health care.
  • To promote the development of those intellectual skills and professional attitudes and values necessary for continues learning and growth after graduation.
  • To provide an interdisciplinary atmosphere that fosters the integration of all the school's majors and promotes their participation in the College community.
  • To offer the students the latest technology and information at the cutting edge of the field.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the risks and benefits of ionizing radiation exposure to optimize clinical imaging protocols and minimize doses to members of the public and oneself.
  • Acquire and analyze quality control data to ensure proper functioning of all imaging instrumentation and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Perform high-quality diagnostic exams and therapeutic protocols within a multimodality framework, including PET and CT techniques.
  • Compound, evaluate, and administer radiopharmaceuticals and interventional pharmacologic agents utilizing best practices for aseptic technique and handling.
  • Exhibit professional behaviors that promote patient-centered care and collaboration within an interprofessional healthcare environment.
  • Propose advancements within the field of medical imaging as a result of active research and inquiry within the clinical setting.