Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography—General Fast Track
Year I-Fall
DMS 200 Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography 2
DMS 202 Obstetrics/Gynecology Sonography I  3
DMS 206 Abdominal Sonography I 3
DMS 204L Sonography Laboratory Procedures I 4
DMS 208 Sonographic Physics and Instruments I 3
Semester hours total
Year I-Spring
DMS 212 Obstetrics/Gynecology Sonography II 3
DMS 216 Abdominal Sonography II
DMS 214L Sonography Laboratory Procedures II 4
DMS 218 Sonographic Physics and Instruments II 3
  Distribution Elective (SSC, HUM, BEH)  3
Semester hours total

Year I-Summer
DMS 304 Problem Solving in Physics and Instruments 3
DMS 205 Breast Sonography 3
DMS 320 Introduction to Vascular Sonography (w/lab) 5
DMS 224 Sonographic Laboratory Procedures III 1
Semester hours total

Year II-Fall
DMS 302C General Clinical Sonography I 8
DMS 310 Critical Thinking in Sonography I 2
DMS 315 Pediatric Sonography 3
LIB 220O Intro to Interpersonal Communication for Health Professionals 3
Semester hours total

Year II-Spring
DMS 312C General Clinical Sonography II 8
DMS 410 Critical Thinking in Sonography II 2
DMS 420 Musculoskeletal Sonography 3
Semester hours total

Year II-Summer
DMS 412C General Clinical Sonography III 8
DMS 440 Advanced Problem Solving in Sonography 2
LIB 512O Healthcare Ethics 3
DMS XXX *Advanced Problem Solving in Vascular Sonography
Semester hours total

Total credits to complete degree requirements 82
*If the elective DMS XXX Advanced Problem Solving in Vascular Sonography is taken, total semester credits come to 14, and degree credits to 83.