Bachelor of Arts in Health Humanities (BA)

School of Arts and Sciences

Location: Boston
Start Term: Fall

Develop an in-depth understanding of individual and collective experiences of health and illness by combining communication and critical thinking skills with cultural competencies.

An Interdisciplinary Platform for Healthcare Professionals

The four-year BA in Health Humanities is the first and only stand-alone health humanities bachelor of arts in New England. This interdisciplinary program, offered at our Boston campus, encompasses a broad variety of health and humanities topics, including literature, philosophy, the arts, history, anthropology, sociology, biology, chemistry, and public health. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to move on to an advanced degree program or a career in public health, healthcare policy, law, education, journalism, or a wide range of healthcare fields.

Your Four-Year Journey

This unique degree program provides valuable foundational knowledge in communications, cultural expression, and human experience necessary to provide informed, empathetic healthcare.

First-Year Experience

  • establish foundational skills in writing, critical thinking, research, and oral communication
  • develop knowledge in math, statistics, chemistry, and biology
  • explore key issues in the health humanities through introductory courses in literature, culture, history, and social sciences

Second-Year Experience

  • immerse yourself in the study of American culture, identity, and psychology
  • practice advanced competencies in research as well as oral and written communication
  • shape your schedule balancing humanities and elective courses

Third-Year Experience

  • study narrative health and medicine
  • explore global health, anthropology, sociology, and history of health
  • use knowledge from previous courses to consider ethical questions in healthcare

Fourth-Year Experience

  • complete the health humanities capstone
  • explore electives that align with your professional interests

A Program that’s Adaptable to Your Career Goals

Increasingly, employers are looking for candidates with strong critical thinking skills, a high degree of cultural competence, adaptability, empathy, and the ability to communicate to a wide range of audiences. The BA in Health Humanities prepares you to be that professional.

Individual attention

Small classes mean that you get the attention you need and can work with faculty to develop a program that caters to your interests and potential.

Customize it

The BA in Health Humanities is highly flexible and adaptable to your educational and career goals. You can even pair it with tracks for professional or post-graduate study.

The best place to be

MCPHS is located in Boston’s Longwood Medical and Academic Area, a global center for healthcare delivery, research, and education, giving you opportunities to work with top professionals—and a world-class network.

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Fostering Compassionate Clinicians Through the Health Humanities

The Center for Health Humanities at MCPHS creates space for meaningful dialogues about the humanistic aspects of healthcare, delving deeper into how narratives, empathy, and understanding improve clinical outcomes.

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Centers for Excellence

Center for Health Humanities

A research center for advanced thinking about the humanistic side of medicine, the Center for Health Humanities at MCPHS supports the work of scholars, researchers, and healthcare practitioners.

Download a Program Fact Sheet

Download a program fact sheet for a snapshot of the Bachelor of Arts in Health Humanities.