Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences—Physical Therapy Pathway (BS/DPT)

Variations on this sample curriculum are possible. Please see the MCPHS Catalog for a detailed description of the program curriculum.


Year I Fall

BIO 150/151Biology I: Cell & Molec Bio4
CHE 131/LChemical Principles w/lab4
MAT 150Precalculus or MAT 151 Calculus I3
LIB 133American Culture3
LIB 111Expository Writing I3
FYS 101First Year Seminar1
Total Semester Hours

Year I Spring

BIO 152Biology II: Bio of Organisms w/lab4
CHE 132/LChemical Principles II w/lab4
MAT 151Calculus I or MAT 152 Calculus II3
LIB 120Intro to Psychology3
LIB 112Expository Writing II3
HSC XXXIntroduction to Health Sciences1
Total Semester Hours

Summer (Year I or II)

MAT 261Statistics3
MAT 152Calculus I (if not already taken)3
Total Semester Hours

Year II Fall

HSC 301OHealth Promotion3
BEH 352Human Development3
LIB 220Interpersonal Communication3
LIB 512Healthcare Ethics3
HSC xxxIntroduction to Health Sciences II1

HUM or SSC Elective3
Total Semester Hours

Year II Spring

HSC 401OPublic Health and Policy3
BIO 255Medical Microbiology (w/lab)4
BEH 250Health Psychology3
PSB 320Intro to Healthcare Delivery3
HUM or SSC Elective3
Total Semester Hours16

Year III Fall

HSC xxxHealth Sciences Practicum (pre-PT)3
HSC 310OHealthcare Informatics3
HSC 320OWriting for Health Sci Prof3
BIO 351Adv Anatomy & Physio I w/lab4
PHY 270/272LFound. of Physics I w/lab4
Total Semester Hours

Year III Spring

HSC 410OResearch Analysis & Methods3
SSC 495Evolution of the Health Prof3
PHY 274Found. of Physics II w/lab4
BIO 352Adv. Anatomy & Physio II w/lab4
BIO 345OExercise Physiology w/lab4
Total Semester Hours18
Total Three Year Semester Hours               106

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