Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences—Physical Therapy Pathway (BS/DPT)

Variations on this sample curriculum are possible. Please see the University Catalog for a detailed description of the program curriculum. Current students should refer to their program evaluation when registering for courses.


Year I Fall

BIO 151/150L Biology I: Cell & Molecular Biology (w/ Lab) 4
CHE 131/L Chemical Principles I (w/ Lab) 4
MAT 151 Calculus I 3
LIB 133 Introduction to Social Sciences: Identity, Power and Society 3
LIB 111 Expository Writing I 3
ITM 101 Introduction to the Major 1
Total Semester Hours 18

Year I Spring

BIO 152/L Biology II: Biology of Organisms (w/ Lab) 4
CHE 132/L Chemical Principles II (w/ Lab) 4
MAT 152 Calculus II 3
LIB 120 Introduction to Psychology 3
LIB 112 Expository Writing II 3
HSC 110 Introduction to Health Sciences Seminar 1
Total Semester Hours 18

Summer (Year I or II)

MAT 261 Statistics 3
Total Semester Hours 3

Year II Fall

HSC 301 Health Promotion 3
BEH 352 Human Development through the Life Cycle 3
LIB 220 Interpersonal Communication for Health Professionals 3
LIB 512 Healthcare Ethics 3
HSC 210 Health Sciences Seminar II 1
Social Science (SSC) Elective 3
Total Semester Hours 16

Year II Spring

HSC 401 Public Health and Policy 3
BIO 255/L Medical Microbiology (w/lab) 4
BEH 250 Health Psychology 3
PSB 320 Intro to Healthcare Delivery 3
Humanities (HUM) Elective 3
Total Semester Hours 16

Year III Fall

HSC 470 Health Sciences Practicum 3
HSC 310 Healthcare Informatics 3
HSC 320 Writing for Health Sciences Professionals 3
BIO 351/L Advanced Anatomy & Physiology I (w/ Lab) 4
PHY 270/272L Foundations of Physics I (w/ Lab) 4
Total Semester Hours 17

Year III Spring

HSC 410 Health Research Methods 3
SSC 495 Evolution of the Health Professions 3
PHY 274/L Foundations of Physics II (w/ Lab) 4
BIO 352/L Advanced Anatomy & Physiology II (w/ Lab) 4
BIO 345O/L Exercise Physiology (w/ Lab) 4
Total Semester Hours 18
Total Three Year Semester Hours                106

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