Bachelor of Science in Magnetic Resonance Imaging—Fast Track

The mission of the MCPHS MRI programs is to offer a quality medical imaging program which integrates professional skills, career focused education and hands-on practical experience, empowering students to develop and achieve their personal and career potentials.

MRI Program Goals

  1. To instruct students who demonstrate the prerequisite knowledge and skills required for employment as entry-level MRI technologists.
  2. To develop interpersonal skills to allow the student to attain the ability to effectively communicate on a professional level.
  3. To facilitate learning which will provide the student with the knowledge and understanding of proper patient care.
  4. To provide students with the knowledge, technical skills and problem solving abilities to practice in the field of magnetic resonance imaging.
  5. To produce graduates who will be competent in entry level positions as an MRI Technologist and who display appropriate behaviors as set forth by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology.