Bachelor of Science in Nursing—Accelerated
CourseTitleSemester Hours

Year I-Fall

BIO 110Anatomy and Physiology I3
BIO 110LAnatomy and Physiology I Lab1
CHE 110Basic Chemistry I3
CHE 110 LBasic Chemistry I Lab1
ITM 101Introduction to the Major1
LIB 111Expository Writing, I3
LIB 133American Culture, Identify and Public Life3
Total Credits  15

Year I-Spring

BIO 210Anatomy and Physiology II3
BIO 210LAnatomy and Physiology II Lab1
NUR 250 OChemistry of Nutrition3
LIB 112Expository Writing, II3
LIB 120Introduction to Psychology3
Total Credits  13

Year I-Summer

BEH 352Human Development through the Life Cycle3
MAT 251Statistics3
 Distribution Electives6
 TEASNC (Pass/Fail)
Total Credits  12

Year II-Fall

BIO 255Medical Microbiology3
BIO 255 LMedical Microbiology Lab1
LIB 220Interpersonal Communication in the Health Professions3
MAT 142Math for Nurses3
HUMHumanities Elective3
Total Credits  16

Year II--Spring

NUR 201OProfessional Practice I3
NUR 204Health and Wellness I: Fundamentals9
NUR 245Healthcare Participant I: Health Assessment and Promotion4
Total Credits  16

Year II-Summer

NUR 301Professional Practice II: Pharmacology3
NUR 304Health and Wellness II: Introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing9
NUR 322Healthcare Participant II: Care of Vulnerable Populations and Community Health3
NUR 320Nursing Seminar1
Total Credits  16

Year III-Fall

NUR 401Professional Practice III: Scholarly Inquiry3
NUR 404Health and Wellness III: Childrearing and Childbearing and Family9
NUR 422Healthcare Participant III: Social and Mental Health4
Total Credits  16

Year III-Spring

NUR 501Professional Practice IV: Nursing Integrations3
NUR 504Health and Wellness IV: Complex Care across the Lifespan9
NUR 522Healthcare Participant IV: Leadership3
NUR 520Nursing Seminar1
Total Credits  16

Total credits to complete degree requirements: 120 semester hours.