Dual Degree Option

Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Academically motivated students may choose to apply to the Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences program - an accelerated master's degree available only to MCPHS BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences students - at the end of their third year and earn a dual degree in just five years. The master's program allows students to further develop their competency and knowledge in basic laboratory manipulations and experiment design, experimental and technical record keeping and reporting, common analytical equipment, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical economics, and more.

The job outlook for medical scientists, which includes pharmaceutical researchers, is expected to grow by 8% through 2024. And, as a master's trained scientist or researcher you could enjoy a starting salary of $82,000 or more. Also, did you know that Massachusetts is considered one of the largest biotechnology and pharmaceutical research clusters in the world? That means you can take advantage of research and internship opportunities and potential job placements right outside our doors.