Program Objectives

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy

Upon successful completion of the PhD program in PEP, as with the MS program, a graduate should be able to:

  • Assess the appropriateness of research designs for health care interventions for comparative effectiveness, policy analyses, and health economic evaluations
  • Apply and interpret the results of statistical, epidemiologic and health economic analyses/evaluations
  • Effectively synthesize evidence to inform key stakeholders including industry, regulators, and policy makers
  • Analyze the structure and functions of U.S. and international health care systems, focusing on finance and delivery

In addition to the MS Program Objectives above, a graduate of the PhD program should be able to work independently in:

  • Plan, design and conduct studies to assess the comparative clinical and economic value of health care interventions
  • Disseminate one’s original research through publications, presentations, and other professional forums
  • Demonstrate expertise such that one would be able to teach at a University level