Transfer Policy

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)—Accelerated

A transfer student is any student who 1) was or is enrolled in an ACPE-accredited Doctor of Pharmacy degree program and 2) seeks to apply credits from that program to the SOP-W/M Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Due to the highly integrated and sequential nature of the didactic and experiential components of the SOP-W/M Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum, the School will consider requests for transfer of credits only on a case-by-case basis. Because curricula in Doctor of Pharmacy programs vary greatly, students might not transfer at the same level achieved in the previous program. Transfer applicants will only be admitted as an incoming professional first-year (P1) student.

Acceptance of transfer students is dependent upon the applicant's qualifications, the curricular compatibility of prior coursework to the required SOP-W/M Doctor of Pharmacy coursework, and space availability in the SOP-W/M Doctor of Pharmacy program. Application of transfer credit may require passing a competency exam.

Consideration will only be given to students who are in good academic, professional, and ethical standing at an ACPE-accredited School of Pharmacy. Applicants must meet the same prerequisites and requirements applied to all SOP-W/M Doctor of Pharmacy applicants and provide legitimate reasons for seeking transfer. Credits accepted for transfer must have been awarded from an ACPE-accredited school of pharmacy within the year prior to matriculation into the SOP-W/M Doctor of Pharmacy program.

The SOP-W/M will review transfer applicants through submission of a complete PharmCAS application. Applicants seeking transfer must also submit the following supplemental documentation.

  • A letter from the Dean of the Doctor of Pharmacy program in which the applicant is/was enrolled. The letter must summarize the applicant's credentials and verify that the applicant is in good academic, professional, and ethical standing and is eligible to continue in or return to that program.
  • A formal request for transfer outlining circumstances for seeking a transfer.

SOP-W/M may request a syllabus for each pharmacy course completed in the current/previous Doctor of Pharmacy program. Applicants should not submit course syllabi unless requested.

Decision on transfer applications are made by the SOP-W/M Admissions Committee. This committee may also seek consultation with the SOP-W/M Curriculum Committee.

All applicants are reviewed in the same holistic manner regardless of whether or not they are transfer applicants. Qualified transfer applicants must participate in the School's formal interview process.