Mission Statement

Bachelor of Science in Premedical Health Studies

The School of Arts and Sciences embodies and promotes the core values of the University through:

  • Scholarship that creates knowledge, pedagogies, integration, and engagement in or through the many disciplines represented by the Arts and Sciences faculty
  • Interdisciplinary and interprofessional initiatives and collaborations that produce scholarship and public activities among Arts and Sciences faculty and in concert with other School faculties
  • Implementation of a core curriculum that integrates the basic sciences and liberal arts with professional studies
  • Commitment to and promotion of the values of general education, including development of the whole person
  • Cultivation of knowledge, skills and values that prepare students for lifelong learning
  • Development and application of learner-centered curriculum designs and teaching strategies
  • Assessment programming that systematically collects and uses data for curricular review and continuous improvement
  • Conscientious service to School, University, and professional communities
  • Collaboration with the Dean of Students and Student Affairs staff in development and implementation of co-curricular programs

The mission of the Premedical and Health Studies degree program is consistent with that of the School of Arts and Sciences but specifically cultivates and advances:

  • Undergraduate preparation for successful advanced studies and careers in health and healthcare
  • Student engagement in community and university service learning and volunteer activities that benefit others
  • Student intellectual inquiries and academic studies that encompass the biomedical, psychosocial, and cultural dimensions of illness, health and healthcare
  • Faculty excellence in healthcare and health studies pedagogy, the discovery of knowledge across disciplines relevant to illness, health, and healthcare, and the dissemination and application of innovative pedagogies and new knowledge in these disciplines