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Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Accelerated

Location: Boston
Start Term: Fall

As a registered nurse, you work directly with patients, providing expert care, support and compassion. This program builds on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and gives you the knowledge, skills, competencies, and values required to practice as a professional nurse.

During the accelerated time frame of 32 consecutive months, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside professional experts through clinical experiences in our onsite simulation and patient assessment laboratories, and through rotations in prestigious Boston area medical facilities. The year-round program gives you the benefit of an immersive education and prepares you for your career faster. When you graduate, you’ll be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). And you’ll be fully prepared to enter and succeed in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.  

Freshman Applicants

Class of 2020

  • High School GPA: 3.0 (High School Math GPA: 2.7; High School Science GPA: 2.7).
  • SAT Scores: >/= 50th percentile (national) or equivalent ACT scores.
  • TOEFL: Minimum proficiency level of 83 for candidates whom English is not the primary language.

Class of 2021

  • High School GPA: 3.0 (High School Math GPA: 3.0; High School Science GPA: 3.0).
  • SAT Scores: >/= 60th percentile (national) or equivalent ACT scores.
  • TOEFL: Minimum proficiency level of 83 for candidates whom English is not the primary language.

External Transfer Applicants

Class of 2019

  • Cumulative GPA: 2.7 (Math GPA: 2.7; Science GPA: 2.7).
  • In order to be granted transfer credit for prerequisite courses, students much achieve a grade of C+ (78) or better. Transfer credits will not be accepted for courses repeated more than one time.
  • TOEFL: Minimum proficiency level of 83 for candidates whom English is not the primary language.

Note: All students must achieve a minimum score of 65.5 on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS).


Year I-Fall

BIO 110 Anatomy & Physiology I (w/lab) 4
CHE 110 Basic Chemistry (w/lab) 4
FYS 101 Introduction to the Major 1
LIB 111 Expository Writing I 3
LIB 133 American Culture, Identity, and Public Life 3

Year I-Spring

BIO 210 Anatomy & Physiology II (w/lab) 4
CHE 210 Basic Chemistry II (w/lab) 4
LIB 112 Expository Writing II 3
LIB 120 Introduction to Psychology 3

Year I-Summer

BEH 352* Human Development Through the Life Cycle 3
MAT 261 Statistics 3
BIO 255 Medical Microbiology (w/lab) 4
Distribution Electives 3

Year II-Fall

LIB 512 Healthcare Ethics 3
LIB 420 Interpersonal Communication in the Health Professions 3
MAT 142 Math for Nurses 3
Humanities Elective 3
  Distribution Electives 3

Year II-Spring

NUR 206 Nursing History, Knowledge, and Narrative 2
NUR 208 Essential Concepts of Nursing 3
NUR 216 Nursing Skills & Technologies 5
NUR 226 Pathophysiologic and Pharmacologic
Approach to Nursing Practice

Year II-Summer

NUR 245 Health Assessment and Promotion (w/lab) 4
NUR 325 Provider of Care I: Adult and Elder Health (w/lab) 8
NUR 330 Nursing Informatics and Healthcare Technologies 3

Year III-Fall

NUR 335 Provider of Care II: Child-Bearing and Child-Rearing Family Health 6
NUR 345 Provider of Care III: Mental and Social Health 6
NUR 350 Scholarly Inquiry 3

Year III-Spring

NUR 425 Provider of Care IV: Community and Public Health Nursing 7
NUR 445 Provider of Care V: Coordinator of Care 8
NUR 450 Member of a Profession and Capstone Leadership Project 3

Total credits to complete degree requirements: 121 s.h.

* BEH 352 fulfills the Behavioral Science core curriculum requirement.

Our students learn from faculty who are leaders in their fields and are committed to the success of each student. Discover our full list of Nursing faculty


Still Accepting Applications for Fall 2018

There's still time to apply!


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