Maurizo Patricelli

Alumni Spotlight Maurizio Patricelli

Maurizo Patricelli

“Push yourself! No one else is going to do it for you,” said Maurizio Patricelli, Pharmaceutical Business.

“Push yourself! No one else is going to do it for you,” said Maurizio Patricelli, Pharmaceutical Business, at an alumni panel on our Boston campus.

When he was considering colleges, Maurizio admits that didn’t know what he wanted to do, but chose MCPHS because of its focus on science. In fact, he had athletic scholarship options elsewhere but chose to work his way through MCPHS specifically because of its strong focus on the sciences. “I knew I would put myself in a great position for my future career. This school is a renowned reputation for excellence in education and I knew I was making a great choice,” he says.

As a driven sales professional (he’s top ten percent sales rep at his current company!), Maurizio shared more about his MCPHS experience and his advice to those thinking of turning business and health sciences into a successful career.

What made you choose the Pharmaceutical Business program?

I actually entered in 2007 as Premed and then switched during my third year at MCPHS. I was unsure of what I wanted to do post-graduation, but I knew that my skill set would be better utilized in a more business-minded program.

How do you describe the program?

It was an extensive study of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with a strong emphasis on science knowledge. It’s a program that gives students the ability to understand and convey complex science information in ways that can be used to your advantage in business settings.

What type of students do you see thriving?

The training can be intense so the type of students that would thrive would definitely be driven. Students who can work independently as well as flourish in team formats while appreciating the business side of the pharmaceutical and or healthcare industries.

Did you have any favorite courses?

I had three favorite courses. The first is Pharmaceutics because I found myself using the material on a daily basis. Also, Microbiology because I found it to be incredibly interesting. And Pharmaceutical Business with Professor Campagna because he gave such great insight into the world we were about to embark on. It shed a light on the journey I was about to begin.

What’s your job like now?

As a Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, I promote proprietary products to PCPs, specialists, as well as bariatric and general surgeons in the greater Boston area. I educate them on clinical benefit, approved indications, and product safety to promote on-label prescribing.

On a typical day, I do many presentations at lunches, speaker programs, and sales events. I call on doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies to promote my drugs, so I route each and every day to have efficiency and effectiveness.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love working as my own boss, in my territory where I call the shots. Also, the perks are amazing. And, when you hustle hard, the money is amazing.

Looking back, how did MCPHS help you prepare you?

MCPHS helped me familiarize myself with the industry by preparing me for what goes on inside the pharmaceutical world. Knowing the ins and outs is a great advantage. I will always have a leg up on my colleagues by knowing how to learn and study the drug profiles and indications.

If you met someone thinking about attending MPCHS, what would you say?

The focus on science helps you build a strong foundation for whichever career you choose to pursue at MCPHS. The demanding workflow and testing will also help you prioritizing your work life, as well.

What does it mean to be MCPHS alum?

It shows employers and companies that you understand the importance of education and you worked very hard for your degree. The name pushes you a long way but you have to push yourself further than that.

Have any advice for high school students considering MCPHS?

Make sure you are ready! Starting day one you will be tested. You must balance a social life and make sure you study in advance!

What about current MCPHS students?

Do everything you can to improve yourself now rather than waiting until after graduation. Start looking at your dream job and study the requirements. Build a foundation towards those requirements. Don’t be afraid of change. These industries are forever changing and you need to keep up and stay focused.

And take advantage of internships and network, network, network!

Interested in a future in pharmaceutical business? Our Pharmaceutical Business program on our Boston campus is a full-time, four year undergraduate degree program that empowers students with a blended curriculum of biological and pharmaceutical sciences and business for students interested in business careers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.