Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Business (BS)

School of Pharmacy

Location: Boston
Start Term: Fall

As a pharmaceutical business professional, you will be intricately involved in key activities that make meaningful contributions to biopharmaceutical organizations and their missions.

An Innovative Approach to Business & Healthcare

This full-time, four-year program at our Boston campus provides an integrated curriculum of biological and pharmaceutical sciences and business. The combination of these preprofessional studies, with core knowledge in the arts and sciences, fosters critical thinking, decision making, and oral and written communication skills—all key strengths for success as a pharmaceutical professional. In pharmaceutical business, your activities may include project management, supply chain operations, sales, marketing, and regulatory affairs. You’ll work on teams with executives, clinicians, and researchers to solve problems and implement solutions. The program begins in the fall.

Your Four-Year Journey

Gain critical knowledge in the sciences and in business as well as an understanding of the humanities and the role they play in all healthcare-related fields. 

First-Year Experience

  • study biology and chemistry and participate in associated labs
  • get an introduction to psychology, expository writing, and calculus
  • explore American culture, identity, and public life

Second-Year Experience

  • learn economics, statistics, and organizational psychology
  • study anatomy and physiology and medical microbiology and participate in associated labs
  • become adept at the interpersonal communication skills necessary to be an effective health professional

Third-Year Experience

  • explore the fundamentals of drug development and healthcare delivery
  • study healthcare management, entrepreneurship, and business statistics
  • learn the essentials of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing

Fourth-Year Experience

  • build a critical understanding of healthcare ethics, the workings of the FDA, and regulatory affairs
  • gain familiarity with the fundamentals of business law, healthcare finance, and accounting
  • learn how to market pharmaceutical and medical products

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