Photo of student by brand new xray machine
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Hospital-Grade Equipment Puts Radiography Students Ahead of the Curve

Photo of student by brand new xray machine

The MCPHS School of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics (SMIT) recently purchased the “latest and greatest” X-ray systems for its students to use as they learn, train, and prepare for careers in modern healthcare. The hospital-grade equipment gives MCPHS some of the best equipment found on any college campus, and students are currently learning on tools considered the new standard of medical imaging.

Radiography students work on brand new fully digital radiography systems, which replace film or computed radiography systems.

Some of the benefits digital radiography offers over film and computed radiography:

  • Superior image quality supports greater diagnostic confidence.
  • Full digital technology eliminates steps in the process to increase productivity.
  • Wireless option eliminates the hassles and trip hazards of cables.
  • Plane 2D X-ray provides low-dose imaging of extremities

Using the machinery during labs provides huge value for students, says Michael Farah, M.S. Ed, RT(R), (CT), the director of the MCPHS radiography program. “Having the ability to take classroom material into the lab and guide the students while they engage in hands-on learning and experimenting with digital imaging equipment definitely prepares our students for success,” he says. “The lab components throughout the entire MCPHS radiography curriculum, combined with the digital imaging lab, allows our students to use today’s digital imaging equipment in a practice-safe environment.”

Hospitals and other medical centers have switched to digital imaging for a variety of reasons, and the benefits are seen throughout the patient treatment process. Excellent image quality and fast image capture/rendering leads to improved diagnostics and faster exam times. Patients, in turn, benefit from shorter wait times, quicker diagnoses, and the potential for earlier commencement of treatment. MCPHS purchased digital imaging equipment so that students master the latest technology and are prepared to provide the best patient care possible when they graduate to healthcare careers.