Scott Koningswood
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Student Spotlight: Scott Koningswood, DPT

Scott Koningswood

As an RA and student in the Physical Therapy program, Koningswood is always in motion.

When he’s not in the physical therapy lab or the Balance, Movement, and Wellness Center on the Worcester campus, you can find Scott Koningswood, DPT, planning activities for the residents in his hall. As a resident assistant (RA) and student in the Physical Therapy program, Scott is always in motion.

And as a future physical therapist, he hopes to make movement a reality for his patients.

Scott's interest in physical therapy began in high school, when he was injured during a football game. He underwent physical therapy for a number of weeks. “From that point on, I was infatuated with the human body and rehabilitation,” he said.

He went on to earn a degree in kinesiology from the University of Rhode Island. The program required him to complete an internship, which he says only reinforced his love for the field of physical therapy.

We sat down with Scott to hear his thoughts on the physical therapy field, his program, and being an RA.

What most excites you about the physical therapy field?

The most interesting thing about physical therapy is the individual response of rehabilitation. Everybody heals differently and everyone has their own story, which makes the job extremely challenging, yet satisfying when you find the proper course of treatment.

What’s your dream career within the field? What types of patients do you hope to work with?

Ideally, I would love to work with young athletes and assist them with proper body mechanics. Using functional movement screens and assessments, I will be able to correct any dysfunctions or muscle imbalances that may be present to give the athlete the best chance of remaining injury free.

Describe the physical therapy program. What makes it unique?

The physical therapy program at MCPHS is unique because we work so closely with the surrounding community. In addition to clinical experiences in various settings throughout Worcester (outpatient clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.), we also have our own pro bono center in the Lincoln Square building. The Balance, Movement, and Wellness (BMW) Center provides free therapy services for members of the community, who are treated by students under the supervision of the faculty.

Tell us about your experiences at the BMW Center. What is it like to gain hands-on experience there?

The BMW provides a great opportunity for us to see a variety of different pathologies and work hands-on with members of the community. The atmosphere during each session is revitalizing and truly allows you to get a taste of what it’s like to be a clinician in the field. The participants from the community we get to work with are amazing, and we get to have a lot of fun while making them feel a little bit better each session.

Tell us about the facilities you use in your program. What are they like?

In the PT lab, we have different high-tech equipment that we can use to further enhance our clinical skills. The anatomy lab creates a great atmosphere for learning and understanding the human body. We are given plastinated cadaver models that are stripped down into various layers so we can see the intrinsic muscles of the body.

What are your professors like?

Our professors truly want us to succeed in the program. They are always open to talk and will take the time to break down material that may be a bit more complex or confusing. One of the best attributes of the faculty is that they treat you with respect and value your opinion.

You serve as a resident assistant. What’s your favorite thing about being an RA?

My role as an RA is to be an advocate for the residents as well as to help create and support a positive environment for all to feel welcome. Being able to meet all the residents and participate in the events held on campus is a huge benefit. It honestly is an extremely fun job that has only helped me grow as a person.

Why do you think students should consider living on campus during their time at MCPHS?

Living on campus is a great way to meet new people and be able to make new friends within your program and among all the other programs that MCPHS has to offer. We also host a lot of fun events and activities for the residents to participate in!

Why did you choose to attend MCPHS?

For me, the community outreach that the school participates in was an absolute selling point. Especially in physical therapy, getting to know the community and working with as many different people as possible only enhances my academic experience at the University. MCPHS also really tries to get the students to work together using interprofessional education and workshops throughout all the programs, so it’s an awesome opportunity to work with and understand what other programs truly do.

The three-year, full-time Doctor of Physical Therapy program on our Worcester campus empowers students to build on their bachelor’s degree and begin an exciting career as a physical therapist