Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (BS)

School of Arts and Sciences

Location: Boston
Start Term: Fall

This program prepares you for a career in a rapidly expanding field full of researchers who are harnessing biology to discover and develop useful products, including cutting-edge therapeutics.

Turn Knowledge Into New Medicines and Other Transformative Products

Discover how to apply critical concepts of biology toward the development of new products, methods, and organisms to improve human health and well-being in this full-time, four-year program in Boston, the global hub of the biotechnology industry. Learn from and with peers in related, yet distinct disciplines and explore exciting possibilities for your future—including through an internship—as you acquire knowledge in our classrooms and master techniques in our laboratories, which are stocked with equipment that is commonly used by industry. Hone your communication and influencing skills while progressively building an academic foundation in the sciences, liberal arts, and technology. You will graduate with the experience—and confidence—to begin your career or advance your education at the graduate level.

Learning Outcomes

With this bachelor’s degree, you will be qualified for entry-level positions at life sciences companies as well as applied science graduate programs. This program is STEM-designated, qualifying international students for an additional two years of OPT work in the United States. You will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts of biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry
  • design experiments, conduct laboratory research, and analyze and interpret the results
  • apply biotechnology concepts to research and real-life situations, including as part of a team
  • think critically, creatively, and constructively about problems related to current biotechnology issues
  • communicate the results of scientific projects and research and explain practical applications

Undergraduate Programs in the Chemical & Biological Sciences

We offer these opportunities for the scientific study of medicine at the undergraduate level.

Bachelor of Science in Medical and Molecular Biology

Four-year, full-time program at the Boston campus. Begins in the fall.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Four-year, full-time program at the Boston campus. Begins in the fall or spring.

BS in Chemistry/Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Five-year dual-degree program on the Boston campus. Begin in the fall or spring.