Master of Science in Clinical Research
MCR 801 Pharmaceutical R&D: From Discovery to Market 3
MCR 802 Research Methodology and Development of Protocols and Proposals 3
MCR 803 Conducting Clinical Research Studies 3
MCR 804 Graduate Project in Clinical Research 3
DRA 804 FDA and Regulatory Affairs 3
DRA 807 Statistics in Clinical Research 3
DRA 808 Laws and Regulations Governing Human Research 3
DRA 809 Health Epidemiology 3
Electives 6



DRA 802 Law and Health Policy of Drugs and Devices
DRA 811 Health Policy Development and Analysis
DRA 815 International Regulatory Affairs
DRA 816 Principles of Quality Assurance and Control
DRA 817 Development and Production of Medical Devices
PEP 801 Quantitative Methods in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
PEP 802 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
PEP 803 Qualitative & Survey Methods in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
PEP 804 Regression Analysis in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
PEP 806 Pharmacoepidemiology Applications
PEP 810 Global Pharmaceutical Policy
PEP 811 Pharmaceutical Marketing Applications
PEP 812 Healthcare Management Applications
PEP 817 Statistical Programming Using SAS
PEP 856B Introduction to Health Economics and Outcomes Research
PEP 856C Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis in Health Outcomes Research
PBH 701 Survey of Public Health
PBH 705 Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences
PBH 710 Introduction to Health Policy and Management
PBH 715 Introduction to Social and Behavioral Sciences
PBH 750 Community Health Science and Practice
PBH 755 Health Promotion and Education
PBH 805 Maternal and Child Health
PBH 810 Principles of Public Health Emergency Preparedness
PBH 815 Mass Communication and Health
PBH 820 Genetics and Public Health