Program Goals

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

The goals of the entry-level BSHS 4-year program are to provide:

  • an opportunity for students to earn a BS in Health Sciences, with a broad foundational knowledge base in math and the basic biological, chemical, social, and behavioral health sciences;
  • opportunities for the development and demonstration of interpersonal, oral and written communications, critical thinking, information literacy, and research design skills;
  • a comprehensive general education that includes an understanding of healthcare delivery, healthcare ethics, and interpersonal communications in healthcare;
  • a broad introduction to applied health sciences in health promotion, health informatics, public health and policy, and health services research;
  • curricular and experiential opportunities for students to explore the wide range of clinical and non-clinical career options in the healthcare industry; and
  • individualized academic advising and career mentoring for students who are undecided about their preferred health sciences career pathway; for students who are interested in Healthcare Management, Health Education, or Health Information Systems careers; and for students who are interested in preparing for admissions to post-baccalaureate programs of study in healthcare professions.