Program Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

By the completion of the Health Sciences program, students will be able to demonstrate proficiency across a variety of learning outcomes, including:

Health Promotion Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate mastery of the eight dimensions of wellness
  • Evaluate behavior change theories that are advantageous to improving quality of life among individuals and/or communities
  • Hypothesize and recommend public health policies that can increase the overall health status of individuals and/or communities

Healthcare Systems Outcomes:

  • Investigate, explore, and assess student health and wellness services at colleges and universities, then provide health and wellness services navigation recommendations for MCPHS University
  • Analyze and reflect on research and scholarship trends in interprofessional education and team-based collaborative practice in healthcare
  • Plan, propose and advocate for promoting and maintaining a culture of health and safety at home, in communities, in the workplace, and in healthcare delivery
  • Propose and justify health equity strategies at the individual, community, organizational, and individual levels that could be undertaken to reduce or eliminate health disparities in diverse populations

Health Workforce Development Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate requisite career readiness core competencies that broadly prepare students for success in the workplace and lifelong health career management
  • Explore employment options and opportunities in a variety of different healthcare and health sciences industry settings though literature searches, informational interviews, and job shadow experiences
  • Arrange and complete a volunteer in-person OR virtual/remote work experience to gain practical work experience related to future career goals in the health sciences

Health Research Outcomes:

  • Explain the ethical considerations of conducting research on human participants
  • Develop a comprehensive research prospectus based on evidence and best practices
  • Plan, conduct and present a capstone project prospectus that integrates research and applied bio-psycho-social sciences with health promotion, healthcare systems, or health workforce development
  • Compile and present a portfolio to document a repository of evidence reflecting the scholarly and professional progress, goals, and reflections of the learner; integrating knowledge, theory, and skills gained in satisfactory completion of the BS in Health Sciences program requirements