Program Outcomes

Doctor of Health Sciences (DHS)

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  1. Advance professional practice through critical evaluation and dissemination of evidence-based recommendations to solving practice-based problems.
  2. Practice interdisciplinary and interprofessional leadership in pursuit of sustainable collaborative practice to improve holistic patient care.
  3. Integrate quality improvement principles into practice to advance the functioning of the health system and to ensure the safety of those served.
  4. Apply current technology to promote innovation and best practices in healthcare.
  5. Analyze national health issues and trends as they apply to a broad range of population demographics for health promotion and disease prevention.
  6. Enhance awareness of population health and national health issues to promote patient-centered and value-based care.
  7. Explore professional practice through the lens of professionalism, integrity, and ethics as they apply to patient and community health.
  8. Evaluate ethnic and cultural issues in health care delivery systems to practice with cultural sensitivity and competency.
  9. Develop scholarly skills in professional writing and presenting.