Facilities and Clinical Rotations

Bachelor of Science in Nursing — Postbaccalaureate


MCPHS provides facilities specially designed for skill-building and patient assessment in nursing that mirror real-world nursing settings and contribute to the overall learning experience. The Manchester patient assessment laboratory provides an optimal environment for student experiences in outpatient and other ambulatory clinic environments. The lab features twelve individualized bays and a life-size adult manikin that enables students to practice wound care and learn technical procedures, including endotracheal intubation, nasogastric tube insertion, venipuncture, and urinary catheterization. The clinical simulation and patient assessment laboratories in Worcester provide learning opportunities for students to deliver simulated emergent care and hands-on routine patient assessments and head-to-toe physical examinations.

Clinical Rotations

Because clinical experience is such a vital part of the nursing program, students are assigned to clinical rotations in some of the world's finest healthcare institutions and clinical settings, such as skilled nursing facilities, mental health hospitals and community agencies, schools, public health departments, and hospice and home health agencies. Rotations are supervised by University faculty, clinical faculty, and practice preceptors.