Honors Program

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)—Direct Entry

The Doctor of Pharmacy Honors Program offers highly motivated and academically talented students the opportunity to pursue their professional interests and advance their skills and talents beyond the level possible in the standard PharmD curriculum.

Honors students will:

  • Participate in small class seminars with peers that foster the development and improvement of research and presentation skills
  • Work closely with faculty members during seminars and research activities
  • Be matched with an individual faculty research mentor
  • Conduct a research project under the supervision of their research mentor in Pharmaceutical, Clinical, or Pharmaceutical Business and Administrative Sciences


  • Enhanced professional and career advancement
  • Gain research and presentation skills through seminars and their research project, which help students become stronger professional candidates in their academic and professional pursuits
  • Close working relationships with faculty and their research mentor, which have the potential for work that may be presented at conferences or published
  • Honors designation at graduation with completion of all program requirements