Bachelor of Science in Premedical Health Studies—Veterinary Medicine Pathway (BS/DVM)

School of Arts & Sciences

Pathway with St. George's University
Location: Boston, Start Term: Fall

Earn a combined Bachelor of Science in Premedical Health Studies from MCPHS and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine in Grenada.

A Strategic Pathway to Your Career As a Veterinarian

This seven-year professional pathway program begins in the fall with three years of study at our Boston campus, followed by four years of study at St. George’s University (SGU) Veterinary School. During four years at MCPHS, you’ll experience a challenging baccalaureate curriculum that prepares you for professional study. You’ll spend the next three years and four months at St. George to complete the professional education required for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree.

Your Veterinary School Journey

The three-year undergraduate curriculum at MCPHS is focused on giving you the deep understanding in the sciences and humanities you will need to move on to the professional phase of the program at SGU.

First Year

  • study biology and the principles of chemistry and attend associated labs
  • begin your exposure to the liberal arts by exploring expository writing and human psychology

Second Year

  • continue to build an interdisciplinary foundation of knowledge by taking electives in the humanities and behavioral science
  • increase your knowledge of the health professions and hone the interpersonal communication skills necessary to be an effective member of the healthcare community
  • study organic chemistry and medical microbiology and participate in associated labs

Third Year

  • explore healthcare ethics
  • study advanced cellular biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, and physics and attend associated labs
  • strengthen your knowledge of the social and behavioral sciences

Fourth-Seventh Year

  • undertake hands on experience at SGU's on-campus veterinary Small Animal Clinic and Large Animal Resource Facility
  • experience unique research opportunities in areas such as veterinary public health, anthropology, ecology, marine and terrestrial biology, and ethics. 
  • prepare for clinical training rotations and for general veterinary practice following graduation

Learn more about St George's University School of Veterinary Medicine and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program.

A Clear Path to a Future in Veterinary Medicine

This strategically structured program allows you to begin your education focused on your future goals in veterinary medicine, so you’ll be well prepared to start treating animal patients on the first day of your new career—one of the most in-demand professions in the world today.


Job Growth

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for veterinarians is projected to grow 20% through 2031, faster than all other occupations.


Median Salary

Median salary for veterinarians (US News and World Report “Best Jobs” rankings, 2022).


Best Healthcare Jobs

US News and World Report ranks veterinarian among the best healthcare jobs in 2022.

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