Master of Public Health (MPH)

Variations on this sample curriculum are possible. Please see the University Catalog for a detailed description of the program curriculum. Current students should refer to their program evaluation when registering for courses.


Core Courses

PBH 701 Foundations of Graduate Study in Public Health 3
PBH 705 Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences 3
PBH 710 Policy and Leadership to Advance Health Equity 3
PBH 740 Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology  4
PBH 770 Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health 3
Total Semester Hours 16

Concentration Courses

PBH 750 Community Health Science and Practice 3
PBH 755 Health Promotion and Education 3
PBH 760 Program Design & Evaluation of Public Health Interventions 3
PBH 765 Community Health Assessments 3
PBH 890 Public Health Practice Experience 2

Take one of the following courses: 
PBH 894 or PBH 895
Literature Analysis and CPH Exam OR Advanced Research Analysis and Interpretation
PBH 896 Advanced Policy Analysis  3
PBH 899 Integrative Learning Experience Continuation* 0
   Graduate PBH Electives** 6
Total Semester Hours 20
Total credits to complete degree program 42

*PBH 899 Integrative Learning Experience Continuation is a 0-credit course only taken when necessary.

**See university catalog for full list of elective options.