Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Bridge Program (AS to MS)

School of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics

Location: Online
Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Build on your associate’s degree and registered technologist’s experience to pursue new roles in research, education, or leadership—without the time or expense of a bachelor’s program.

Go Further in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

Our 50-credit all-online master’s program is specifically designed for any registered technologist who holds an associate’s degree. It’s the only direct pathway from an AS to MS in radiologic and imaging science in the U.S. The program not only gives you a distinct advantage in the next stages of your career, it saves you from spending many thousands on a bachelor’s degree. You will take the undergraduate bridge courses first and then you can take your master’s-level courses in any order that fits your schedule. Upon graduation, you will be well positioned to ascend to higher roles in research, leadership, or education within radiologic and imaging sciences. The program starts in fall, spring, and summer.

Your 50-Credit Journey

Before you start your master’s-level training, you must complete a set of preparatory courses that cover healthcare-related skills and topics in writing, ethics, statistics, research, and advanced radiologic and imaging science courses in radiation biology and pathophysiology. 

Because the master’s level of our all-online program has no further prerequisites, you can customize your schedule by enrolling in any course in any order. Thematically, your master’s-level coursework will be grouped into three areas:

  • Core (21 credits)—These courses cover diversity, cultural competencies, leadership, communication, research practices, and professional trends.
  • Research (6 credits)—These courses cover applied research methodologies.
  • Practicum (3 credits)—A practicum of your choice in which you will develop a project based on all that you have learned in the program. This can be at your current place of work or arranged by MCPHS.

MCPHS is a Strategic Hub for Imaging Sciences

MCPHS Offers the Only Direct Pathway from an Associate's to Master's degree (AS to MS) in the U.S.

Our AS to MS program reduces your coursework by up to 40 credits by eliminating the need for a bachelor's degree--achieve your professional goals sooner.

Invest in Your Future

Studies show that graduates with a Master's degree in Imaging Sciences can see salary increases of up to 25% compared to those with only an Associate's degree.

Balance Work, Life and Studies

Earn your Master's degree through a convenient online format while offering flexible start terms.

David Gilmore.jpg

MCPHS Professor Helps Restructure Nationwide Curriculum

After creating a cutting-edge nuclear medicine technology curriculum for MCPHS, faculty member David Gilmore, EdD, CNMT, NCT, RT(R)(N), FSNMMI-TS worked with a nation-wide team to implement the MCPHS innovations throughout the country.

Other MCPHS Graduate Programs in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

At MCPHS, we also offer an online graduate program for any registered technologist who holds a bachelor’s degree.

Master of Science in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences (online)

A 30-credit program offered entirely online.