Program Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy—Degree Completion

Upon program completion graduates will:

  • RT1 Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary issues in Respiratory Therapy and patient populations.
  • RT2 Identify and articulate the impacts of contemporary issues on the respiratory therapy profession and the management and delivery of respiratory care.
  • RT3 Critically evaluate and apply evidence in support of advancing the profession and practice of respiratory therapy.
  • RT4 Develop and deliver patient-specific respiratory care based upon the best available evidence.
  • RT5 Demonstrate cross-disciplinary leadership in clinical and collaborative practice settings.
  • RT6 Communicate effectively across and within health professions and demonstrate collaborative practice in support of personal and professional development.
  • RT7 Incorporate technology in the delivery of respiratory care and education to patients and providers.
  • RT8 Explain theoretical approaches in managing and addressing the impacts of chronic disease.
  • RT9 Apply advanced assessment techniques and strategies in the management of therapeutic interventions.
  • RT10 Demonstrate accountability through personal and professional development and life-long learning.
  • RT11 Demonstrate an understanding of education theories, curriculum development, assessment strategies, instructional design, and learning management systems.