Working at MCPHS

Your Knowledge Is a Foundation for a Great Career

Knowledge is prized at MCPHS. And people who can share it are highly valued. We offer the opportunity to work with a diverse peer group of dedicated professionals who know what it takes to engage, mentor, and develop the next generation of healthcare professionals. You’ll be among colleagues with integrity, professionalism, and passion. The kind of individuals who are just as motivated to work with and support others as they are to develop their own reputations.

At MCPHS, faculty members are encouraged to explore new avenues where they can innovate, lead, and think critically. It’s one of the many reasons we've established an ever-growing presence in global healthcare. Our strong reputation offers faculty opportunities to travel all over the globe, share ideas with other universities, provide consultation on program development, and to address issues at the forefront of health. We are leading the way in creating a global healthcare initiative and we will continue to build these programs into a resource for our educational partners around the world.

Above all, our faculty are encouraged to view life at MCPHS as a foundation for fresh ideas, breakthrough discoveries, and career development.

A faculty career at MCPHS offers a range of benefits including:


Whether teaching in the classroom or supervising students in clinical rotations at one of our many prestigious clinical partner sites, faculty are linked by a common atmosphere of collaboration. There is a rapport among faculty here that our educators find both enlightening and gratifying.


Student engagement fosters intellectual vitality, critical thinking, and continuing professional development. Our staff has the freedom to step across disciplines and learn from colleagues in other departments and to collaborate with educators around the world on western healthcare education. We capitalize on every opportunity to enhance career experiences, supporting people who want to explore pedagogic methodologies and approaches beyond their own sphere of expertise.


Our mission is to stay at the forefront of healthcare excellence. But we won’t achieve that by standing still. We’re a dynamic, positive, progressive environment. People who are open to change and motivated to explore the healthcare and educational landscapes will find that MCPHS is a great setting for teaching.


Vitality is a word that really speaks to our ethos. MCPHS offers a vibrant, full-of-life experience for students, staff, and faculty members. Through our work at the forefront of healthcare, we play a vital role in helping shape a new generation of healthcare professionals with the passion, knowledge, and vision to make a real difference in the world.