Faculty | 4/25/2023

Shaping the Future of Pharmaceuticals

By Jennifer Persons


In the third episode of the MCPHS Bicentennial Podcast, The Secret to Living to 200, Dr. Amee Mistry discusses a prestigious opportunity for pharmacists to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Doctors of Pharmacy (PharmDs) from across the country come to Boston to train in the pharmaceutical industry. The Biopharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program, led by Amee Mistry, PharmD, places these professionals at 11 major companies, where they gain specialized training experiences in the industry.

Fellows also take on teaching roles at MCPHS, serving as mentors and inspiration for pharmacists-in-training. In this episode, Dr. Mistry discusses the history of the program and how it creates a pipeline of professionals to fill the ever-growing need for workers in the pharmaceutical industry in the greater Boston area.

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Three Things to Know About the Biopharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program

1. It’s more than 20 years old.

Founded in 2003, the program now accepts upwards of 100 fellows at a time. With more than 20 years of alumni and counting, networking opportunities are one of the most unique aspects of the program. Dr. Mistry says many former fellows have stayed in the area, which benefits current fellows.

2. Many fellows are motivated by personal experiences.

Mistry gets to know all the fellows, starting in the interview process. Over the years, she has found one of the biggest reasons people join the pharmaceutical industry is because they witnessed a family member or loved one struggle with a disease for which there are no therapies. They pursue the pharmaceutical industry because they want to help change that.

3. The value of PharmDs is growing.

Dr. Mistry is confident that PharmDs will always be needed to drive innovations in the life sciences. She also believes the versatility of their degree plus specialized training allows PharmDs to fill various roles across the biopharmaceutical industry.