Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology (PhD)

School of Pharmacy

Location: Boston, Worcester
Start Term: Fall

Work closely with industry experts as you conduct research into the pharmacological actions of synthetic and naturally occurring compounds that could become the drugs of the future.

Research at the Intersection of Pharmaceuticals and the Human Body

In this PhD program at both our Boston and Worcester campuses, you will build on your master’s degree in physiology, biochemistry, biology, or a related field to advance your career as a pharmacologist. Work alongside academic and industry experts to learn how to fully research the pharmacological actions of novel agents—in test tubes, cells, tissues, or animals. Conduct research that leads to improved drug design. And develop an innovative and creative approach to problem solving through theoretical and experiential situations. The program begins in the fall.

Your Doctoral Journey

The doctoral program features a mix of required and elective courses, laboratory rotations, and individual research. You will work side-by-side with globally respected faculty working on targets for a plethora of diseases.This program is STEM-designated, qualifying international students for an additional two years of OPT work in the United States.

First-Year Experience

  • learn advanced areas of pharmacology, including neuropharmacology and G-protein receptors
  • study advanced biochemistry and molecular biology and explore the care and use of laboratory animals
  • begin graduate seminars and laboratory rotations

Second-Year Experience

  • study drug metabolism and the specifics of cancer drugs and immunopharmacology
  • continue participation in graduate seminars
  • engage in research in your specific area of interest

Third-Year Experience

  • continue with your research
  • explore pharmacodynamics and advanced toxicology
  • complete work in graduate seminars

Advance Your Career at the Hub of Pharmacology 

Discover new therapies and medicinal solutions as you unravel the mysteries of how drugs and other chemicals impact biological systems.

Professor Andey Recognized for Award-Winning Breast Cancer Research

Professor Terrick Andey’s research proposal “Nanoparticle Delivery Platform for Dual Targeting of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer,” won him the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy’s New Investigator Award. Read about Professor Andey’s pioneering research.

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$96k average salary

Pharmaceutical scientist compensation reported by in 2022.

Tour the State-of-the-Art Chemistry Lab at MCPHS

This innovative, interactive learning lab at MCPHS brings the world of chemistry to life.

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Developing Future Leaders in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate-level degree programs within the School of Pharmacy at MCPHS are meant for those looking to make a difference in the pharmaceutical industry. See how students advance their knowledge and refine their skills through hands-on experiences in state-of-the-art laboratories under the guidance of our expert faculty.
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Graduate Degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences

As well as the MS in Pharmacology, we offer six additional opportunities for graduate study at the master’s, doctoral, and certificate levels.

Master of Science in Pharmacology

Two-year, full-time program at the MCPHS Boston and Worcester campuses.

Master of Science in Pharmaceutics

Two-year, full-time program on the Boston and Worcester campuses.

Master of Science in Clinical Research

Flexible full-time or part-time program on the Boston campus and online.

Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research

Flexible three-course program on the Boston campus and online.

Doctor of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry

Three-year, full-time program on the Boston campus.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutics

Three-year, full-time program at the MCPHS Boston and Worcester campuses.

Download a Program Fact Sheet

Download a program fact sheet for a snapshot of the Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology.