Leadership in Pharmacy Education (LiPhE) Institute

School of Pharmacy

Turbocharge Your Career

The Leadership in Pharmacy Education (LiPhE) Institute supports the personal and professional development of all School of Pharmacy students and alumni. A degree from our University can unlock exciting opportunities in settings ranging from community pharmacies to hospitals to biopharmaceutical companies. The LiPhE Institute provides early exposure to career pathways that students might not have considered, helps members to chart their course, and fosters success, including through coaching and mentoring.

What’s Your Destination?

A PharmD can serve as a terminal or foundational degree, providing a springboard to a wide variety of careers.

Non-Traditional Career Paths

50% of pharmacy students change their career plans when exposed to non-traditional career paths early in their studies. (Per DeRemer, Shaddock, Anderson, and Curtis)

Life Sciences Job Boom

Biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and biomanufacturing companies desperately need skilled workers, presenting an opportunity for individuals with pharmacy backgrounds. (Per MassBio)

Trailblazing Alumni

Explore exciting careers via our alumni. Here are just a few of their stories.

Kristine Wong, PharmD ’18

Kristine Wong, PharmD ’18, is practicing in a hospital setting

“The most exciting shift I have is the ER, where I'm in the department, available for questions for providers and nurses. If there's a code or a procedural sedation, I'll be in the room to help give the meds."

Raymond Veronneau, PharmD ‘18, MBA ‘20

Raymond Veronneau, PharmD ‘18, MBA ‘20 is expanding access in biopharmaceuticals

"If there is something you don’t like doing, get out there and network, read up on other opportunities, familiarize yourself with how to interview, and find what role in healthcare is a fit for you."

Steven Rush

Steven Rush, PharmD ’15, Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Public Health Service

“Be open minded about your career. It’s okay not to know what you want to do and to learn and explore.”