Pharmacy Field

The field of pharmacy and its applications in life-science industries focus on creating and delivering the latest drugs, treatments, and therapies to patients.

Prepare to Pursue Life-Changing Work

From the lab to the community pharmacy to the hospital bedside, professionals in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sciences are involved in life-changing work. Careers in pharmacy and life-sciences comprise an exciting range of roles and disciplines from person-centered, population-based care to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. At MCPHS, we offer many different pathways to careers in pharmacy and the life-sciences industry, all designed to fit your interests and your life.

Would a Career in Pharmacy Suit You?

Experts in the pharmaceutical sciences will find opportunities at pharmaceutical and biotech companies, pharmacies, hospitals and health centers, universities and research labs, and government agencies creating regulatory policies. Here are some of the typical job responsibilities connected to professional roles in the pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Deliver healthcare advice and pharmaceutical solutions to individuals in community and hospital settings.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare personnel to provide person-centered and population-based care to patients and patient groups.
  • Communicate health and drug information and educate health-sciences students, other medical care professionals, and the public.
  • Conduct research to advance the healthcare industry.
  • Play an instrumental role in discovering and developing innovative medications that save and improve thousands of lives.

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Oldest School of Pharmacy

At 200 years old, MCPHS is the second oldest school of pharmacy in the U.S.


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Developing Future Leaders in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate-level degree programs within the School of Pharmacy at MCPHS are meant for those looking to make a difference in the pharmaceutical industry. See how students advance their knowledge and refine their skills through hands on experiences in state-of-the art laboratories under the guidance of our expert faculty.
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