Degrees and Certifications

Leadership in Pharmacy Education (LiPhE) Institute

 A pharmacy degree provides a solid foundation for a rewarding career. Our students and alumni can pursue additional degrees, credentials, and certifications to expand their knowledge — and their professional horizons. Employers in healthcare and the life sciences look for continuous learners, and some positions require specialized expertise or advanced training in multiple fields.

Graduate Certificates

MCPHS designs certificate programs to meet workforce needs. We are in the process of expanding our offerings. Certificates—offered to PharmD students at no additional cost—are currently available in:

Dual Degree Options

MCPHS pharmacy students can apply for one of our unique dual degree programs, earning two advanced degrees. A dual-degree program allows a student to pursue and complete the requirements for two separate degrees simultaneously.

Roseanne Gammal, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Precision Medicine Graduate Certificate

Professor Roseann S. Donnelly (Gammal), PharmD, BCPS, discusses Precision Medicine, and the future of this treatment approach.

"The Precision Medicine Graduate Certificate allows you to dive deep and learn about genetics at a new level. I can now speak with the MDs and PhDs on a team as well as others and provide a unique perspective and knowledge."

Katarena Nalbandian | PharmD '23

Learn More About our Dual Degree Pharmacy Programs

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)—Direct Entry students can apply for our unique dual degree programs. Choose to earn a Master of Science in Clinical Research or a Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs simultaneously with your PharmD, earning two advanced degrees in six years.