Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management & Technology (BS)

School of Healthcare Business and Technology

Location: Boston
Start Term: Fall

This program prepares you for a career in health information management at a hospital, life sciences company, or related organization that collects, analyzes, stores, and safeguards valuable information.

Bring Healthcare, Business, and Technology Together to Transform Patient Care

Imagine pursuing bold ideas powered by an understanding of healthcare data, programming, and management to change the care delivered to patients. If you are dreaming of a career in health information management, then get started with this four-year, full-time program on the Boston campus. In addition to learning fundamental principles of health data and database structures, you will practice designing applications and work with students studying related, yet different disciplines to solve problems and prepare for opportunities that exist in the real world, where collaboration is key. The program also covers data security and privacy, which are essential topics for professionals who work with sensitive medical information. Graduates will be prepared to use data to enable and support decision-making in healthcare practices and other settings.

Your Four-Year Journey

With this bachelor’s degree, you will be prepared to begin a career in health information management. Our program provides you with the technical skills, soft skills, and practical experience to succeed in entry-level positions—including health information manager and compliance analyst roles—at a variety of organizations.

First-Year Experience

  • delve into your chosen field with courses in statistics, biomedical informatics, business math, databases, and coding
  • explore the basics of working in healthcare, including by mastering medical terminology
  • hone communication skills through writing courses and collaborative exercises
  • study chemistry

Second-Year Experience

  • expand your subject matter expertise by learning about data standards, big data, and other topics
  • continue to acquire an understanding of healthcare business
  • prepare for the future by interacting with peers from different disciplines through classes and activities
  • study biology

Third-Year Experience

  • deepen your knowledge of the field with courses such as quality improvement, consumer health informatics, and health data collection and management
  • round out your training by studying healthcare ethics, organizational psychology, and other topics that will help you thrive in a collaborative real-world setting
  • participate in team-based activities such as hackathons that simulate the workplace

Fourth-Year Experience

  • ensure that you are ready to handle sensitive information by learning about data security, risk, and compliance
  • practice your leadership skills and learn how to visualize data to support decision-making
  • focus on applying health information management in a company in the Boston area
  • complete advanced electives on topics such as Python programming, SAS programming, and biostatistics

MCPHS has applied to the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) for accreditation of this program, which would allow graduates to sit for the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHI) credential offered through the American Health Information Management Association.

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