Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management (BS)

School of Healthcare Business and Technology

Location: Boston
Start Term: Fall, Spring

Gain the insight to become a successful leader in diverse sectors of the healthcare field.

Build a Robust Understanding of Healthcare Systems and Policies

In this four-year program at our Boston campus, you will hone your analytical and problem-solving skills while acquiring broad-based functional knowledge of current legal and regulatory standards in healthcare, the healthcare revenue cycle, financial analysis, health data analytics, marketing and sales, and human resource management. During internships and experiential learning opportunities, you will gain the real-world experience and connections necessary to your future career in healthcare management. You may start the program in the fall or spring.

Your Four-Year Journey

Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for a leadership role in healthcare management.

First-Year Experience

  • gain exposure to a variety of sectors in the healthcare field through volunteer placements
  • explore American culture, identity, and public life and examine the impact of those factors on public health
  • study biology, chemistry, business math, and computer applications
  • develop your knowledge of healthcare business and management and the economics of healthcare

Second-Year Experience

  • shadow professionals and gain insight into their fields of expertise
  • hone your interpersonal and business communication skills
  • study accounting, finance, and statistics
  • learn about the organization and delivery of healthcare in the U.S.

Third-Year Experience

  • work closely with faculty to finalize internship placements at some of the nation’s leading healthcare institutions, companies, and organizations
  • learn how to develop as a leader in healthcare and study organizational psychology
  • deepen your understanding of healthcare ethics

Fourth-Year Experience

  • participate in an internship for up to thirty hours per week and take part in career preparation seminars
  • study supply chain management and law and compliance for healthcare businesses
  • complete a healthcare management capstone project

The Future of Healthcare is Interdisciplinary

Interprofessional education (IPE) is a way of life at MCPHS.
Students collaborating

Healthcare + Management = Impact

Combine your passion for healthcare or life sciences with your business acumen to improve health outcomes and drive innovation.


Average salary for healthcare administrator according to 2021 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

The support you need to be successful

Explore the extensive resources that will enable you to thrive at MCPHS and beyond.


32% growth

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in healthcare management is projected to grow 32% by 2030.

MCPHS Fellow

Why Healthcare Management?

Healthcare management is the nucleus of healthcare and the perfect career for those who want to make an impact on the healthcare industry but not directly in patient-care.

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