Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

Your Four-Year Journey

Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for a leadership role in healthcare management. This program is STEM-designated, qualifying international students for an additional two years of OPT work in the United States.

First-Year Experience

  • gain exposure to a variety of sectors in the healthcare field through volunteer placements
  • explore American culture, identity, and public life and examine the impact of those factors on public health
  • study biology, chemistry, business math, and computer applications
  • develop your knowledge of healthcare business and management and the economics of healthcare

Second-Year Experience

  • shadow professionals and gain insight into their fields of expertise
  • hone your interpersonal and business communication skills
  • study accounting, finance, and statistics
  • learn about the organization and delivery of healthcare in the U.S.

Third-Year Experience

  • work closely with faculty to finalize internship placements at some of the nation’s leading healthcare institutions, companies, and organizations
  • learn how to develop as a leader in healthcare and study organizational psychology
  • deepen your understanding of healthcare ethics

Fourth-Year Experience

  • participate in an internship for up to thirty hours per week and take part in career preparation seminars
  • study supply chain management and law and compliance for healthcare businesses
  • complete a healthcare management capstone project