Master of Health Sciences

Variations on this sample curriculum are possible. Please see the University Catalog for a detailed description of the program curriculum. Current students should refer to their program evaluation when registering for courses.

HSC 710 Health Professions Education Across the Higher Education Spectrum 3
HSC 715 Educator Competencies 3
HSC 718 Qualities and Characteristics of Leadership 3
HSC 782 Principles and Theories of Teaching and Learning 3
HSC 784 Curriculum and Course Design 3
HSC 786 Assessment and Evaluation of Teaching and Learning 3
HSC 805 Literature Review and Focused Research 3
HSC 849 Evidence-Based Practice 3
HSC 731 Preparation for Independent Study 0
HSC 732  Independent Study: Graduate Health Sciences 3
  Elective Course (Graduate Level) 3
  Total Credit Semester Hours  30