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Concentration in Statistics and Data Science

Today’s healthcare ecosystem relies on data as a means to treat patients, conduct research, predict outcomes, and quantify results. Consequently, the need for professionals with expertise in analyzing, organizing, and translating data is growing at a rapid rate.

MCPHS and the nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are offering students an opportunity to help meet the data expertise demand by accepting the MITx MicroMasters® program in Statistics and Data Science as a concentration in the MCPHS MBA in Healthcare Management.

Designed for online learners hoping to advance their careers through professional and academic credentialing, the four-course MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data Science is taught by MIT faculty who will educate students on the tools, best practices, and methods used in statistical analysis and data science.

MCPHS will award credential holders of the MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data Science 12 credits towards the completion of the MBA in Healthcare Management, a program designed for working professionals that can be completed entirely and part time. Credential holders will complete 30 additional credits to earn the MBA.

Students already enrolled in the MCPHS MBA program can pursue the MicroMasters program credential as a concentration within their master’s degree. Students in the MBA program who elect to pursue this credential would then graduate with a Masters in Business Administration in Healthcare Management with a concentration in statistics and data science.

Through this MicroMasters program, students will learn about statistics and probability, dive into data analytics, and experiment with machine learning algorithms. In conjunction with the MBA degree curriculum, the program prepares students for careers such as medical statisticians, healthcare data base managers, and business intelligence analysts—all of which are essential to the functioning of global healthcare systems.

By earning a MicroMasters program credential in Statistics and Data Science alongside their MBA in Healthcare Management, students will develop the business and leadership skills needed to join the ranks of healthcare leaders who are passion about combining practical solutions with innovative new ideas.

Students pursuing their MBA with the addition of the concentration in statistics and data science will follow the curriculum listed below.




HCM 701* Intro to Healthcare Business Management for Non-Majors  3
HCM 710 Health Systems: Policy and Management 3
HCM 720 Organizational Dynamics 3
HCM 734 Value-based Healthcare 3
HCM 742 Finance and Accounting for Healthcare Organizations 3
HCM 738 Revenue Cycle Management 3
HCM 760 Applied Business Law and Ethical Practice 3
HCM 815 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3
HCM 850 Healthcare Management Capstone 3

Select one course from:

HCM 763 Managing Crisis, Conflict, and Change 3
HCM 740 Managing Teams, Performance, and Human Capital 3
HCM 718 Leadership in Healthcare Admin 3

Total Semester Hours: 30, not including the MicroMasters coursework.

*Students with demonstrable business or management experience may waive HCM 701 and select an additional MBA core course as a replacement.

MCPHS Joins MITx MicroMasters Pathway Program

Student analyzing data on computer.

MCPHS now offers a pathway to an MBA for learners in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MITx MicroMasters® program in Statistics and Data Science.