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Microbiology (BIO-255E/BIO-255LE)

Microbiology (BIO-255E/BIO-255LE), an online biology course with both laboratory and lecture components, offers you an introduction to key principles in microbiology. You'll gain a functional understanding of microscopic organisms (microorganisms), their role in disease and the environment, and our defenses against infections. You will also learn proper laboratory techniques, such as how to use a microscope, prevent the spread of bacteria, and collect and manage microbial cultures. After completing this self-paced course, you'll be well-prepared to pursue a degree in fields such as health science, pre-medicine, chemistry and biology, or pharmacy.


  • Flexibility: Microbiology (BIO-255E/BIO-255LE) is self-paced and online. Set your own schedule to complete the course in 16-weeks.
  • Competitive Pricing: New students are eligible to receive a 50% reduction in the cost of tuition for one course. Please email us to receive the discount code.
  • Easy to Get Started: No application process is required. Once registered, you can begin the Microbiology course within two business days.

Course Format

Microbiology  (BIO-255E/BIO-255LE) is an online, asynchronous, self-paced course that includes both a 3-credit lecture session and 1-credit laboratory session. This course does not have specific meeting times or deadlines. You will complete your assignments on your own schedule over the course of 16 weeks using Blackboard, an online learning platform. Please note: Students are able to register for the lecture, the lab, or both. Registration is separate for each of these courses.

Course Materials

This course requires the following textbook: 

Microbiology: An Introduction, Tortora, G. J., Funke, B. R.; Case, C. L., 12th Ed. (2016), Pearson Education, Inc.; Access Card (code) to publishers website resources, Pearson's Modified Mastering Microbiology Program

You are also asked to order the following laboratory kit:

Microbiology 2nd Edition (Kit 6020)

When the laboratory kit ordering form asks you to select your institution, please choose “Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences," as there is no option available for "MCPHS University." Please place your order as soon as possible, as the lab kit needs to be processed and shipped (students ordering internationally will find a great deal of information on international ordering). This vendor does not accept American Express.  

Get Started

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New students are eligible to receive a 50% reduction in the cost of tuition for one course. Please contact to learn more about this opportunity.

Degree applicants who have been admitted to a degree program and paid their enrollment deposit are eligible to receive a 50% reduction in the cost of tuition for any prerequisite course that the Admission Office has indicated must be completed prior to starting the degree program. Please contact the Admission Office at 617.879.5964 (Boston) or 508.373.5607 (Worcester) for more information.

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Students enrolling in this course are required to have access to a device that can connect to the Internet.

We suggest that students use a computer to interact with the course content, rather than a mobile device. Additionally, Google Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers.

Students can receive a full tuition refund if they drop a course within five days of registering. Course changes will also be allowed during this five-day window.

After the five-day window closes (and up until the course's completion date), students may choose to withdraw from the course without a refund. This would result in a "W" on their student record.

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