Chemical and Biological Sciences Field

By developing hands-on laboratory and scientific knowledge in chemistry and biology, you will be equipped to pursue graduate study and career options ranging from medical professions and drug development to research into the genetic bases of diseases.

Help Shape the Future of Healthcare

Students in chemical and biological sciences at MCPHS are specifically trained to analyze and understand the complex nature of molecules, cells, diseases, and disorders that affect human health. This preparation equips graduates to work in state-of-art labs or pursue advanced studies in medical, research, and teaching professions that further our understanding of disease, contribute to new therapies, and promote the highest standard of care in clinical settings.

Launch Your Career in the Chemical and Biological Sciences

As a graduate of our chemical and biological sciences programs, you will leave MCPHS ready for a career in science or technology—or seamlessly advance your education at the master’s or doctoral level with one of our pathway programs. Here’s what sets our programs apart:

  • Advanced facilities. Featuring the latest equipment, the MCPHS chemistry lab gives you hands-on experience so that you are prepared for professional settings.
  • Highly-trained faculty. MCPHS professors are industry experts with years of expertise in both teaching and advising and are dedicated to your success.
  • Advanced learning opportunities. You will develop advanced laboratory skills with capstone projects and undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Partner universities. MCPHS has established agreements with prestigious professional and graduate programs, so you can seamlessly continue your professional education.
  • Accelerated programs. With our biology pathways, you can earn a professional degree in four to eight years, often faster than through traditional channels.

Chemistry Comes to Life in the Innovative, Interactive Chemistry Lab at MCPHS


Stats & Facts


median wage for chemists

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021


increase in demand

Projected increase in demand for forensic science technicians through 2028


median wage for biochemists and biophysicists

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021

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You Have Options at MCPHS

Whatever path you choose, your foundational knowledge in the scientific pillars of chemistry and biology will push your career—and the future of healthcare—forward.

Bachelor of Science in Medical and Molecular Biology (BS)

A full-time four-year program at the MCPHS Boston campus.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BS)

A full-time four-year program at the MCPHS Boston campus.

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry—Accelerated (MS)

Five-year dual-degree program with the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry on the Boston campus.