Health Psychology Field

Develop a strong foundation in psychology, the basic sciences, humanities, and social sciences as well as the biopsychosocial aspects of health and illness.

A Strong Foundation for Professions in Healthcare and Beyond

As a health psychology undergraduate, you will gain pivotal insights into behavioral, emotional, and cognitive factors that influence human health and social institutions—ideal preparation for fields ranging from traditional psychology, public health, and research to child life specialist, law, and architecture.

Would a Career Informed by Health Psychology Suit You?

The careers options for graduates in health psychology are as varied as they are rewarding. You might find yourself

  • communicating behavioral concepts and research findings to audiences that vary in age, gender, culture, education level, and expertise
  • working with individuals to help them cope, grow, change, thrive, or deal with illness
  • helping disadvantaged populations connect with essential services that will improve their health and quality of life
  • counseling a couple about genetic conditions or helping children with disabilities find new ways of learning
  • researching workplace dynamics to guide companies in finding new avenues of productivity
  • creating human-centered spaces as an architect or interior designer
  • advising clients and policymakers as a legal professional

The future of healthcare is interdisciplinary.


Stats and Facts

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that careers in health psychology are well-paid and in demand.


In the Country for Value

A study by Georgetown University has ranked MCPHS as the third best institution in the U.S. for the economic value it provides for its students


Increase in Jobs

Predicted increase in health psychology jobs through 2028. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Oldest College

MCPHS is the oldest college in Boston

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Pathways to Careers in Healthcare at MCPHS

Health Psychology at MCPHS offers distinct opportunities such as an undergraduate degree in health psychology—a robust foundation for careers in many healthcare fields.

Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology

Four-year, full-time program on the Boston campus.

Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology — Premedical Track

Four-year, full-time program on the Boston campus.