Health Humanities Field

The Health Humanities program at MCPHS positions students to embark on a wide variety of rewarding healthcare paths.

A Strong Foundation for a Future in Healthcare

MCPHS created its Health Humanities program—with the first and only health humanities bachelor of arts degree in New England—because of an increasing demand for professionals with skills in critical thinking, communication, and cultural awareness. Health humanities is a strategic stepping stone for careers in education, communication, and healthcare law and policy. An undergraduate degree in health humanities is an increasingly desirable qualification for medical school admission. It’s also strategic preparation for a range of career opportunities in healthcare.

The Value of a Health Humanities Major

Earning a health humanities degree positions you to pursue a career in a broad range of fields.

Develop a more informed perspective.

Gain self-awareness and critical perspective on the discourses of illness and wellness as you study creativity, cultural expression, and the key concepts organizing human experience.

Be competitive.

Healthcare is one of the nation’s fastest-growing sectors, and health humanities graduates are in high demand for an increasing number of roles across the healthcare spectrum—and beyond.

Build a foundation.

As a health humanities graduate, you will be positioned to pursue higher degrees in medicine as well as graduate education in fields such as law, public health, history, philosophy, journalism, policy, political advocacy, social work, sociology, and anthropology.

The future of healthcare is interdisciplinary.

At MCPHS, we are integrating the study of healthcare to align with the contemporary practice of healthcare.

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Major in Health Humanities at MCPHS

MCPHS offers one of the few undergraduate majors in health humanities, giving you a distinctive combination of knowledge and skills increasingly sought after in the healthcare marketplace—and in all professional realms.

Bachelor of Arts in Health Humanities

Four-year, full-time program on the Boston campus.

Center for Health Humanites

Supporting interdisciplinary scholarship, research, and outreach with seminars, poster sessions, research retreats, visiting speakers, and other special events.