Healthcare Business Field

Healthcare management professionals combine practical solutions with innovative ideas to advance both the delivery and the business of healthcare.

Build a Career as a Healthcare Leader

Healthcare, like all businesses, depends on innovative leaders to tackle the challenges presented by an ever-evolving and sometimes volatile marketplace. In this profession, you can combine your passion for healthcare with your business acumen to help make healthcare work better. If you are collaborative, detail-oriented, and a dedicated problem-solver with excellent communications skills, consider entering this highly rewarding field.

Would a Career in Healthcare Business Suit You?

A degree in the analysis and management of healthcare organizations from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences will prepare you to:

  • Lead change at hospitals, group practices, health management organizations, community health settings, and government agencies.
  • Streamline the efficiency of processes to empower healthcare specialists to deliver personalized, high-quality patient care at lower costs.
  • Work behind the scenes with medical staff, insurance representatives, and other administrators to ensure that legal, ethical, and regulatory standards are being met.
  • Oversee the financial health of the organization, optimize operations to improve healthcare outcomes through data analysis, and develop market opportunities.
  • Find opportunities in many sectors including healthcare organizations, insurance companies, global health organizations, nonprofits, and biotech and medical device companies.

Stats & Facts

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that careers in healthcare business are well-paid and in demand.


Job Increase

increase in healthcare management jobs through 2029


Median Wage

median annual wage for healthcare business leaders

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Pathways to Careers in Healthcare Business at MCPHS

Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA)

A 54-credit online program.

Master of Science in Clinical Management

A 24-month online program.

MBA in Healthcare Management/Online

A part-time online program.

Master of Science in Health Informatics/Online

A 30-credit online program.

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management/Boston

A four-year full-time program on our Boston campus.