Healthcare Technology Field

Graduates of our healthcare technology programs will be at the forefront of the move toward more patient-centric and value-based healthcare delivery models.

Advance Healthcare through Data Science, AI, and Informatics

Professionals in the healthcare technology and informatics area play a significant role in advancing the practice and delivery of healthcare—and are an essential pillar within the business of care management. Technology makes it possible for patients to interact with medical professionals at a distance and facilitates interprofessional team-based delivery of complex care outside the four walls of hospitals. Healthcare technology also enables the compilation and storage of vital, easily accessible health data, and informatics professionals make it possible to utilize that data to support ethical, evidence-based decision-making. MCPHS is expanding its health technology offerings to meet the intensifying demand for specialists in this space. These new programs will prepare them to promote communication among patients and providers, facilitate the interpretation of healthcare data, and lead research and discovery in life-science and biotech companies.

What a Career in Healthcare Technology and Informatics Looks Like

  • Support patients and the medical professionals managing their care with efficient IT systems, AI, and the latest data and informatics practice.
  • Bridge the gap between data-driven insights and scientific discovery with a multifaceted skillset.
  • Employ informatics, data science, and interdisciplinary knowledge to develop innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to complex health challenges.
  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals in interprofessional teams dedicated to advancing evidence-based healthcare practices.
  • Leverage your knowledge of statistical modeling, AI, coding, programming, analytics, data management, and machine learning to improve healthcare systems.
  • Provide patients and medical professionals with the tools they need to transform the delivery of healthcare.

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Healthcare technology jobs are among the most in-demand in the healthcare sphere.


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Pathways to Careers in Healthcare Technology at MCPHS

Bachelor of Science in Data Science & Health Analytics

A four-year, full-time program that you may begin in the fall.

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management & Technology

A four-year, full-time program that you may begin in the fall.

Master of Science in Health Informatics/Online

A 30-credit online program.

Master of Science in Data Science

A full-time, three-year graduate program that you may begin in either fall or spring.