Trailblazing Alumni

Leadership in Pharmacy Education (LiPhE) Institute

Our graduates thrive in a variety of settings. Some choose to pursue a traditional community pharmacy career while others serve and lead in hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and even veterinary clinics. The following School of Pharmacy alumni have shaped rewarding careers by discovering their purpose and embracing a challenge. Explore their stories for inspiration.

Kristine Wong, PharmD ’18

Practicing in a hospital setting

“The most exciting shift I have is the ER, where I'm in the department, available for questions for providers and nurses. If there's a code or a procedural sedation, I'll be in the room to help give the meds."
Kristine Wong, PharmD '18

Raymond Veronneau, PharmD ‘18, MBA ‘20

Expanding access in biopharmaceuticals

"If there is something you don’t like doing, get out there and network, read up on other opportunities, familiarize yourself with how to interview, and find what role in healthcare is a fit for you."
Raymond Veronneau, PharmD ‘18, MBA ‘20

Milka Njoroge

Filling a need for home healthcare

“Pharmacists have a variety of options for where they can practice. I encourage students to be curious about them all and discover how they want to use their skills to serve others.”
Milka Njoroge, PharmD ’06

Allison Burns

Pioneering a new healthcare delivery model

“Pharmacists are educators. No one knows more about medication than us, and we have an obligation to spread that knowledge.”
Allison Burns, PharmD ’16

Bisni Narayanan, PharmD '15, MS, poses with her two young children at Gillette Stadium after graduating from MCPHS

Integrated specialty pharmacy supervisor

“Since specialty medications are high touch, high cost therapies for complex disease states, patients need extensive counseling and follow up. I enjoy the patient interaction and I have the time to take care of them.”
Bisni Narayanan, PharmD '15, MS

Steven Rush

Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Public Health Service

“Be open minded about your career. It’s okay not to know what you want to do and to learn and explore.”
Steven Rush, PharmD ’15

Headshot of Carolyn Arnish, PharmD

Pharmacist in veterinary medicine

“One thing people overlook about veterinary medicine is that every drug is administered by a human, so in a very real sense, your patient is not just the pet but also the owner, as one unit.”
Carolyn Arnish, PharmD ’14